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  • Civil Litigation
  • Personal Injury

Our Approach

The firm handles many types of trial cases, including civil rights, product liability, and business disputes. We do both plaintiffs’ and defendants’ cases in State and Federal courts.  We also handle major personal injury cases. It is difficult to handle all of the paperwork and negotiations with insurance companies and we can take that burden off you. The basis for establishing the Right to Justice Center continues today. We believe that everyone deserves to be represented by counsel in the best possible way. It is our belief that every case is unique. We look at the individuals and issues involved in the case and work with you to determine the best approach. Not every case needs to go to trial, and not every case can settle. Ultimately the decision will be yours.

Our Team


Cyndi Peterik, Paralegal

As  a paralegal in various areas of the law for over 20 years, I am experienced in many types of cases. In addition to my professional life, I am the mother of two wonderful boys and seven beautiful grandchildren.  I thoroughly enjoy traveling to new places and spending quality time with friends and family.